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Why Join WVSF and ASI?

The American Sheep Industry Association, along with the West Virginia Shepherds Federation, has worked diligently and successfully to lobby on behalf of all sheep and goat producers.
The accomplishments are many:

  • The $18 payment for ewe the lamb retention program
  • The wool payment you receive by submitting your sales slip at the FSC office
  • Increased funding for Wildlife Serivces (controlling predators)
  • Creation of the National Sheep Center with an allocation of $25 million dollars to be loaned to improve the infrastructure of the sheep industry
  • Successfully lobbying the USDA to make four large purchases of surplus legs and shoulders for the lunch programs
  • Passage of the Lamb Check-off Program, which has increased the demand for, and the price of, lamb
  • Several more programs which are near approval
  • The WVSF sponsors the WV Wool Pools, shearing schools and sheep and goat management workshops, and maintains a website and an e-mail list for members.

As producers, we have benefited immensely from the work of the WVSF and ASI. Please join and assist the West Virginia Shepherds Federation and the American Sheep Industry Association in continuing the good work for all of us!

click here to download a membership form

The West Virginia Shepherds Federation has created an e-mail list as a forum for discussing sheep and goat concerns in WV. This group is open to anyone interested in sheep and goats in West Virginia.

WVSF Café Press Store where you can purchase t-shirts, hats, mugs, and tote bags with the WVSF logo.